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At TelecomCare we know that you have invested well in your communications infrastructure. However unless you have backed that up with a great care package then even a minor system fault could result in a loss of communication with employees, customers or loss of data, losing vital revenue for your business. That is why our focus is not just on supplying telephone systems, but on ongoing maintenance and support, thus ensuring your investment gives you the performance you expect.
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We Are Here To Serve You

The team at TelecomCare have a long history of customer service and a wealth of experience with a diverse range of telecoms and data equipment. Whether you have a traditional PBX or use a modern VoIP system, we are able to support you and make the recommendations that will fulfil your business need.


TelecomCare Services

  • Supply and install telephone systems Supply and install business telephone systems by manufacturers such as Mitel, Digium and Polycom.
  • Dealer Maintenance Services Provide maintenance services to telecoms dealers who need to extend their reach or skills base.
  • Direct Maintenance Services Provide maintenance services direct to customers.
  • Supply and Fit Software Solutions Supply and fit software solutions such as CTI and predictive dialler technology.
  • Engineering Services for Dealers Provide engineering services to telecoms dealers who do not have the necessary skills in house.