Lines and Broadband from TelecomCare

TelecomCare are able to provide you with telephone lines and broadband circuits at a competitive rate. This makes sense for most of our customers, as it means they only have to make one call if a fault occurs, there is no wondering if it is the telephone system or the lines, it becomes our job from end to end.

  • Analogue lines
  • ISDN 2e digital lines
  • ISDN 30 digital lines
  • SIP (voice over internet) trunks
  • Total Care package to resolve faults 24/7
  • ADSL broadband circuits of all speeds
  • FTTC (Fibre Optic Broadband)
  • Internet leased lines


What are the costs?

All TelecomCare lines use the BTOpenreachnetwork, however, due to the way the market works, TelecomCare buy from BT wholesale, and so are able to guarantee to pass savings on to you, typically beating the BT rate by some margin.