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No, the telephone system is a computer and in common with all computers, should be shutdown properly. Unplugging the system without a proper shutdown should only be done as a last resort.

On the front panel of the system press the centre button. The display shows network settings. Press the down button to change to the System settings menu, press centre. Press the down button until you get to the shutdown option. Press Centre, then down to change the display to ‘Yes’ then centre again to shutdown. When the lights go out you can then unplug the power cables. When you plug them in again the system restarts.

The “Ring Intercom Always” flag for the extension is set to “No” on the calling party’s extension. This flag if set to yes forces an internal call to ring at the receiving party’s extension. This can be corrected either by dialling 377 on the calling party’s extension or by changing the value of the flag through the Inter-tel DB Studio program.

The call is queuing in a hunt group of which the phone in question is a member but the phone is logged out of the hunt group. Feature 324 toggles the phone in and out of hunt groups. Dial the feature code so that the display shows “Accept Hunt Group Calls”

Your light is flashing because someone has set a callback message on your phone. When you reply to the message, if they answer the light will go out. You can cancel the indication manually by dialling 368.