We Are Here To Serve You


TelecomCare provide a support and maintenance service for your Telecoms and associated systems. We realise that in order for business to function you need to be certain that when things go wrong, that they can be fixed speedily and efficiently. In order to achieve this TelecomCare do the following;

  • Online fault reporting and tracking
  • Telephone calls always guaranteed an answer
  • Regular backups made of your system
  • Parts for your system held in stock
  • 24 Hour and Weekend cover available
  • Remote diagnostics via Internet or dialup wherever possible
  • Realistic prices quoted

Why is TelecomCare The Best?

To be valued by our customers due to the excellent service we provide to them. To never be less than the best in our field.
We are aware that without the customer our business would not exist, so we always put the needs of the customer first. Our philosophy is to give each individual within our business the freedom to act and to make decisions that will benefit the customer, but to work as a team backing up the individual when the situation requires it. We know that we don’t serve the customer alone, so we are always willing to cooperate with others.
We promise to use only the best in modern technology. We will always use the best engineers. We will always congfigure the technology to suit the needs of the customer. Our service will be second to none.


Does your current provider offer all these services? If not give TelecomCare a call to see how we can assist you today. We currently provide support on the following system types.

  • Mitel HX 5000 and MiVoice Office
  • Mitel MiVoice Business
  • Mitel Communications Director
  • Mitel 3300 ICP
  • Inter-tel CS 5000 (5200, 5400 and 5600)
  • Samsung DCS, iDCS and OfficeServe
  • Ericsson BusinessPhone
  • Asstra BusinessPhone
  • NEC
  • And many others

TelecomCare Installation Services


TelecomCare realise that in today’s market, many dealers find it more economic to outsource their installation and maintenance services, rather than have the ongoing cost of full time employees who need expensive training. If this is you then please give us at TelecomCare a call to discuss our white label, installation and maintenance services.