Cloud PBX

Traditionally businesses have made an investment in an expensive box that sits in their comms room and which is the brains of their telephone system, however things are changing.

The PBX was only ever software running on dedicated hardware, but with the advent of Voice over IP, that dedicated hardware was no longer needed, so why not run a virtual PBX in a data center and connect the phones to that?

This approach has many advantages, but needs to be properly engineered. Our team first started working on this approach in 1996 and so we have a wealth of experience to bring to implementing your businesses cloud PBX.

Sangoma Phones

For our cloud customers we recommend the use of Sangoma phones. Sangoma are the supporters and sponsors of the most widely deployed soft PBX in the world – Asterisk. As such their phones are specifically designed to fully integrate with the worlds most popular open source PBX software.

Most phones only offer a generic SIP connection to the PBX, resulting in a lack of functionality. Sangoma Phones also offer a second connection so that onscreen apps can integrate closely with the phone system.

Full Stats Available

Call Center Stats

Most providers of cloud systems struggle to provide information about your companies phone use. However we can provide full call reporting and real time wallboards so you can see exactly what your users are doing.

Home Working Made Easy

The benefit of a cloud PBX is that the phones can be anywhere that has a good broadband service. Phones can be sent to the workers location, or they can use a softphone on their PC.

Calls they make appear to come from the central office, and the business bears the cost of all the calls. Workers can have all the central PBX facilities and can be members of the contact centre just as if they were at a desk in the office.

If you want to offer worker flexibility then get in touch today and we can provide you with a solution for your business.